About ThinkingStorm

Our Company

For over a decade, ThinkingStorm's founders have owned and operated learning centers that have tutored thousands of students in the Washington, DC area. Built on this experience, ThinkingStorm's online tutoring services employ teaching strategies proven successful in the classroom. Our approach is simple: we combine intuitive technology with on-demand access to give students instant individual attention from expert tutors. ThinkingStorm's online tutoring is affordable, convenient, and grounded in years of effective pedagogy.

Our Experience

Since 2007, ThinkingStorm tutors have spent over 250,000 hours teaching a population of more than 50,000 students. Each of our tutors has received a Bachelor’s degree or higher, and over 60% hold advanced degrees in relevant fields like Mathematics or Education. All ThinkingStorm tutors undergo two weeks of initial instruction on Socratic teaching methods and participate in regular training updates throughout the year. Each tutor receives detailed evaluations designed to provide feedback on dozens of selected areas in order to promote professional growth and improve teaching quality.

Our Technology

Our online whiteboard technology is at the core of our online tutoring approach. Think of it as a virtual chalkboard where students and tutors work out problems and diagrams in real-time, creating the instantaneous connection that's essential to learning. There's no email and no waiting. The software works on virtually any computer and is optimized for low-bandwidth, so access is simple for students anywhere. Our award-winning software is the best in its class, used by corporate and educational leaders like Blackboard, eCollege, Thinking Cap, and Sun Micro Systems. Plus, the software is 100% secure and private. Our students only communicate with their tutors, so there are no chat rooms and no way for a student’s personal information to leave our secure system.