Higher Education

ThinkingStorm helps many higher educational institutions support students from a wide variety of backgrounds and academic pursuits, with the ultimate institutional goals of increased retention and persistence rates. Our live online tutoring helps students build skills, understand new material, and develop confidence as they pursue educational success.

Our approach is simple: We give students individual attention from highly trained and qualified tutors, who know how to match each student with a custom-learning program. ThinkingStorm's online tutoring is affordable, convenient and grounded in years of classroom experience.

Interactive Help, Delivered On-Demand

Students work one-on-one with their tutors in our intuitive online classrooms, which combine user-friendly visual tools and live chat functionality to create a versatile, interactive learning environment. Students can receive help on tricky assignments, brush up on the basics, or tackle advanced concepts with help from our team of expert online tutors.

Approachable Instruction for At-Risk Students

From an institutional perspective, ThinkingStorm provides flexible student support that supplements traditional educational environments. Our tutoring center is remotely accessible to anyone with a computer and an internet connection, and offers convenient evening and weekend hours for students with busy schedules. ThinkingStorm’s online tutoring is ideal for supporting students taking off-campus or online courses because it provides the personal feedback and synchronous instruction that helps them thrive.

Subject Support, Every Step of the Way

ThinkingStorm's diverse suite of tutoring subjects is designed to meet the needs of students at all stages of their higher education. Our academic management collaborates directly with school faculty to ensure that our tutoring properly supplements department curricula and supports institutional goals.

Technology and Integration Made Easy

ThinkingStorm’s technology easily integrates with a wide range of Learning Management Systems, providing a simple login experience for students and easy data management for schools. We customize agreements with our client schools to ensure that needs are being met in an effective, convenient, and affordable manner.

Custom Tutoring Solutions with a Higher-Ed Focus

ThinkingStorm’s unique dedication to higher educational institutions avoids applying a “one-size-fits-all” model to our partners. Instead, we work with each client to provide a comprehensive and flexible array of tutoring options intended to satisfy institutional needs.

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