Who are the tutors?

ThinkingStorm's tutors are highly qualified instructors with have degrees in relevant fields, giving them the experience and expertise to answer any question a student could have.

How are the tutors chosen?

The founders of ThinkingStorm use their 2+ million combined hours of tutoring experience to hand-pick each tutor. Along with this selective screening process, all of the tutors are trained and certified in online tutoring strategies to guarantee their effectiveness in distance learning. All of our tutors are highly capable of accommodating the individual educational needs of their students.

What if I just have a quick question? Are ThinkingStorm's tutors available on demand?

Of course! ThinkingStorm's tutors are available up to 24/7/365. Homework problem in the afternoon? Question late at night for tomorrow's test? Just log in and ThinkingStorm's tutors will immediately begin helping you. Our tutors are efficient and dedicated to giving you the tools to learn and be successful.

Are there time limits for tutoring sessions on ThinkingStorm?

No. Students are welcome to receive as much on-demand tutoring as they need during our operating hours. Sessions range from a few minutes to an hour or more depending on how much time a student needs.

Can I save my tutoring lessons for future reference?

Yes. Our cutting-edge online classroom technology allows screenshots to be taken and saved easily, and chat transcripts from each session are available for download. Students can refer to these materials as a helpful reference when attempting to work independently.

Can I get help on written assignments?

Yes. ThinkingStorm has a submission-based Writing Center. Students receive constructive feedback on grammar, organization, thesis strength, and overall clarity so that they can quickly make effective revisions to their assignments. Learn more about the Writing Center here.

What is the technology? Is it complicated?

ThinkingStorm's online tutoring uses a whiteboard that works like a virtual chalkboard on your computer, allowing students and tutors work out problems and diagrams in real-tim and creating an instantaneous connection that's essential to learning.

What do I do if my internet connection goes down?

If your internet connection is disrupted, the whiteboard will continuously attempt to reconnect until a connection is possible. If, for whatever reason, we are not able to re-establish a connection and your session is cut short, a make up session will be provided to you at no additional cost.

Who can I contact if I have questions or technical difficulties?

Our toll-free Customer Support is available Monday-Friday from 10 AM-6 PM EST at (877)-889-5996. There are also online chat support representatives available during all of our operating hours. Click on the blue “Online Chat” button from the ThinkingStorm homepage to speak with one of them online. You may also email questions or concerns to care@thinkingstorm.com.

What is your Privacy Policy?

Click here to view our in-depth Privacy Policy.