Secondary Education

Tutoring often makes a significant difference for high school students as they learn new skills and develop the academic habits that will guide them for the rest of their lives. With today’s students busier and more involved than ever before, on-demand online tutoring from ThinkingStorm helps secondary education institutions provide the convenient, effective instruction that helps students thrive in high school.

Instant Help From Expert Tutors

With access to ThinkingStorm, high school students can receive instruction from our tutors within minutes, even late at night and on weekends. Online tutoring can be perfect for many of today’s high school students, particularly those enrolled in homeschool or distance learning programs, or those with busy schedules. ThinkingStorm makes it easy to get vital subject support without the need for prearranged appointments or inflexible scheduling.

Versatile Subject Support for Students of All Abilities

ThinkingStorm’s highly qualified team of online tutors supports a diverse suite of subjects, ranging from introductory math, science, and composition to calculus, statistics, and advanced writing. Students of all ages and abilities receive assistance, whether they need a helping hand with the basics or a little extra push to excel with challenging material.

Effortless Implementation and Management

ThinkingStorm works with each secondary education client to ensure smooth implementation of our services into the existing school framework. Monitoring student activity, tracking overall usage, and managing tutoring resources is made simple through our Partner Portal, which provides automatic reports on each client’s activities with us.