Writing Center

Feedback is instrumental in developing skills as a writer, but some students face difficulty receiving the constructive criticism they need when they need it. ThinkingStorm’s Writing Center is here to help. Students can submit written assignments 24/7 and receive personalized feedback and guidance within 48 hours from our highly-qualified team of instructors.

Our Writing Center can be an ideal resource for students enrolled in online or distance learning, as well as the institutions providing these services, because it ensures that students always have somewhere to turn for personal writing support. Our instructors offer feedback on a range of essential topics, including grammar, organization, thesis strength, and overall clarity. The Writing Center reinforces key concepts related to written composition, since students get hands-on, contextual practice correcting areas they struggle with.

The submission process is elegant and straightforward. Students simply submit their document along with a brief description of the assignment. Our instructors download the documents, provide suggested revisions and comments, and then return the papers within 48 hours. Students receive personalized email notifications with their papers, and can also download them directly from the Writing Center homepage.

From there, students have the tools to edit their papers independently and implement the changes necessary for successful completion of their assignments. Our Writing Center handles written assignments from all stages of the writing process; whether it’s the first rough draft or a more polished copy, our instructors provide the feedback and guidance students need.

Our partner institutions have used the Writing Center as both a resource for individual students and a suggested step for targeted classes of students. Individual students can submit assignments ranging from creative writing to psychology to social work and receive guidance when it’s convenient for them. Students in basic composition courses receive valuable feedback before submitting for final grades, helping to improve class performance and program persistence. The Writing Center is a beneficial and accessible resource for individual students and institutional populations who need support with their writing skills.